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The brown spots spread and blacken, eventually reaching the stems.

transplanted lilac leaves drooping. Yesterday I planted a large (3ft high) Lilac I bought at a nursery. It was in full flower at the nursery, in a large burlap root ball.

I cut off the burlap, planted it in a large hole with good soil, watered deeply. The soil in the root ball was clay, and some of it broke off during the transplant, and I'm. Dense clusters of short, thin twigs originate from one area of stem. Leaves may be small, distorted and yellow.

Brooms are common at the ends of branches and clustered at the very base of the plant.

Schroeder Apr Video.

Entire canopy is pale green to yellow, some leaves with brown margins. Branches may die. Jul 05, This time, I mixed some garden soil with my dirt, watered the hole before I put the lilac in, watered it when the hole was half filled in, and watered it thoroughly when I was done planting the lilac. After about a week, the lilac started putting out new growth.

There are a couple holes in its leaves, too, but it looks quite healthy otherwise. Aug 27, Implement renewal pruning and proper plant care (watering, mulching, fertilizing) to help the plant recover. Keep an eye on the plant in the season for signs of permanent damage and the possibility the plant may need to be replaced.

Possible replacements for lilac can be found in the Plant Elements of Design plant database. If biotic. Mar 31, Your bush might have a bacterial plant disease called lilac blight. A cool, wet, rainy, spring season favors development of lilac blight, especially if rains follow a late frost or winter injury. Oregon State University Extension plant pathologists are. To lower the pH level, add pine needles, shredded leaves, sulfur, sawdust or peat moss.

Generally, you want the pH level to be aroundbut it is acceptable for lilac bush soil to be one-tenth of a point or so higher than that. An inexpensive soil tester may be purchased at a plant nursery or garden center. Step 3.

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