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Additionally, leaves can be damaged by caterpillars and grasshoppers.

Black olive caterpillars can cause the leaves of trees to dry up, turn brown and fall off. They generally start appearing in springtime, and during a bad outbreak they can cause the entire tree to.

Mar 23, Here in Portugal, many old and no longer productive olive trees are dug out and sold on as ornamental trees.

During the process, most or all of the leaves are pruned off mainly to reduce water loss during transport etc. The trees rapidly produce new leaves even from very old wood (trunks perhaps more than years old). May 24, Examine the Olive Tree Before you transplant the olive tree, identify the cause of the falling leaves. If falling, yellowed leaves are the only symptom, the cause is likely a leaf-spot disease. Leaves are dropping in winter naturally as part of the olive tree grow cycle.

so don't stress about it if few leaves are dropping and new leaves are showing up. Do not over-water. You should water the tree infrequently but deep and the soil should not be moisture or damp. Apr 27, The olive tree (Olea europaea) is an evergreen native to the Mediterranean, Asia, and Africa. The beautiful silvery foliage will vary in color, but is generally considered to be grayish-green. White flowers appear in April or May in Florida and precede the fruit set.

Olive fruits start out as green and will generally become a blackish-purple.

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