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Larvae have a whitish color with a black colored head.

} Guava trees have been propagated at the Florida Sub-Tropical Experiment Station during the past two years with close to percent success by this method. The few failures which have occurred were the result of breakage by hurricane winds or from birds pecking holes in the plastic Size: 1MB.

May 14, The propagation of guava through this method involves cutting 2 suckers from parent guava tree that is about 4 inches or 10cm in height. The suckers should be young such that they are flexible and free from breaking when bent. Strip the suckers without the leaves. Then, put the bottom of the suckers in a rooting hormone for about an takedownshrub.pwted Reading Time: 5 mins.

Guava Cutting Propagation propagate guava tree from cutting Roots. Root cutting propagation is another popular method of producing new guava trees. The roots of guava trees that grow near the surface are very prone to putting up new shoots. Dig up and cut off a 2- to 3-inch ( cm.) tip from one of these roots and cover it with a fine layer of rich, very moist growing medium.

Jan 28, How to Propagate a Guava by Cuttings. Cut 4- to 6-inch ( cm.) softwood cuttings from a healthy guava tree. The cuttings should be flexible and shouldn’t snap when bent. Remove all but the top two leaves. Dip the bottom of the cuttings in rooting hormone and plant them in moist potting mix.

A 1-gallon (4 L.) container will hold four cuttings. Guava trees in the home landscape should be planted in full sun. Depending upon ultimate tree size, trees should be planted 15 to 25 ft (– m) away from other trees and structures and power lines. Trees planted too close to other trees or structures may not grow. Planting from Seeds. Guava can be grown in a greenhouse or indoor containers from seeds. Extract several seeds from a guava fruit and clean them in water. If you intend to plant them after removal, you can boil them in a pot of water for five minutes to encourage quick germination.

The easiest to root pineapple guava tree cutting is one taken from the bottom of the tree, according to horticulturist Michael Dirr. These cuttings rooted 87 percent of the time, while those from.

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