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Jun 14, Cuts are made ¼ inch (6 mm.) before the growth point to preserve the bud. After the plant is four years old you will begin removing any canes that are older than three years old. Currant pruning requires the removal of the oldest wood annually in very early takedownshrub.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Mound layering propagation: cut back all branches to 3 inches after growth starts in spring and then cover the stubs with soil; new shoots will appear and take root; they can be cut away from the mother plant and replanted as new judas tree pruning, Elfers FL Reading Time: 9 mins.

Nov 29, This is best done when the bushes are dormant between autumn and spring, and like most plants it's best to make sure they don't get too dry during their first year in their new home. Cut all the shoots back and this will help give them a rest to settle in and put down strong takedownshrub.pwg: Port Orange FL. Trees & Landscaping.

Remove any branches that have become unproductive, and replace them with a new shoot that will help to keep the shape of the bush.

Trees are defined as any woody self-supporting plant characterized by having a single trunk or multistem trunk system with well-developed crown, capable of reaching ten feet high as measured from its base. The removal of any tree requires a tree removal permit.

Sep 10, Prune established blackcurrants once a year after all the foliage has fallen. Established blackcurrants are at least 1 year old and have already had fruit. Wait until after you have harvested the fruit and the foliage has fallen to prune the bushes, ideally in late fall or early winter%(17). Jul 13, Clear out the middle of the bush in late winter or early spring. Use your loppers to remove any crisscrossing stems in the center of the bush so that it is hollow in the middle, sort of like a cage or goblet.

This will allow more air and light to reach the middle of the bush, which means that you'll get more growth and less 25K. Feb 09, Prune currant bushes in late winter when they’re dormant to achieve good berry production.

I would not propagate more currant bushes until the pest outbreak is under control.

Cut back any stems that are touching the ground or that appear to be diseased or broken. Red currants produce most heavily on 2- to 3-year old stems, while black currants bear more heavily on 1-year-old takedownshrub.pwg: Port Orange FL.

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